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[Basic puff practice]_ Home puff practice _ Basic puff practice Daquan _ How to make a basic puff

[Basic puff practice]_ Home puff practice _ Basic puff practice Daquan _ How to make a basic puff

Every time you visit a friend or colleague, you will find that they all have one or two dishes.

And every time it was his turn, he was stretched.

Do you look so disgraced in this way?

So, for your dignity, come and learn basic puffs with me now.


12 Put water, salt, sugar, and flour (or salad oil) together in the pot, heat over medium heat and stir slightly to make the fat evenly distributed.

When it is boiled, turn to low heat and pour in whole flour 2 at a time.

21 Stir quickly with a wooden spoon to make the flour and water completely mixed (you can directly mix with four chopsticks to make a small amount) and stir.

Be sure to stir quickly 3.

Stir until all the flour and water are mixed together. After the pan is not sticking, turn off the heat and remove the pan from the stove.

(At this point, the flour is all cooked) 4.

Stir the batter with chopsticks to dissipate the batter.

When the batter has cooled to a lesser degree (about 60-65 months), you can add the eggs.

Add a small amount of eggs first, stir thoroughly until the batter has absorbed the eggs, then add 5 again.

1 Use the chopsticks to pick up the batter. The batter is in the shape of an inverted triangle, and the angle from the corner to the bottom is about 4CM, and it will not slip.

This degree is OK.

No need to continue adding eggs 6.

2 At this time, it must be noted that the eggs in the recipe do not necessarily need to be added in all. After adding the eggs, the batter will become more and more moist and smooth.

The most convenient way to shape the puff is to use a small spoon to directly dig up the puff dough and place it on a baking sheet (with tin foil on the baking sheet).

Keep a certain distance between each dough so that they don’t bump together after the dough expands8.

Or you can use a chrysanthemum-shaped flower mouth to squeeze the batter onto a baking sheet.

The puffs baked in this way have a pattern 9 on the surface.

Place the baking sheet in a 210 ° C oven.

Bake for 10-15 minutes.

When the puffs swell up, lower the temperature to 180 degrees and continue to bake for 20-30 minutes, until the surface is yellow-brown.

Be sure to bake it in place, otherwise the puffs will collapse after they are baked.

Remember not to open the oven door 10 during the baking.

After the puffs are completely cooled, use your fingers to dig a hole at the bottom, insert them with a small round hole in the mouth of the parquet, and then fill in the fillings to eat.Choose the ingredients for the basic puffs, be sure to pay attention to the method.

If you’re interested, hurry home and buy the ingredients to try it out.