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[How to make weird broad beans]_Weird broad beans_Homely practices_Production method

[How to make weird broad beans]_Weird broad beans_Homely practices_Production method

There are many delicious foods with broad bean names. Today we are introducing weird broad beans. This kind of food is sold in supermarkets. In fact, you can make it yourself at home, as long as you master the correct method and handle various condiments.The amount is also delicious.

First, how to make weird broad beans[recipe name]weird broad beans[category]all[taste characteristics]This dish is broad, sweet, spicy, hemp, sweet, salty, fresh mixed flavor, cold food, hot food cocoa; ifUse fried broad beans instead of fresh broad beans for a more delicious taste.

Production process 1.

Peel the ginger and garlic, wash, and cut at the end; process the watercress into watercress and set aside.


Remove the broad beans (dried broad beans) from the impurities, add boiling water to stir, add them to the pot, add warm water, add the staff to stir well, soak for about 24 hours, drain the water when the bean husks are wrinkled, remove the skin black lines, and reserve.

Pour peanut oil in a wok until it is 60% hot, add broad beans, fry until cooked and crispy, and drain the oil.


Pour the wok back into the appropriate amount of peanut oil. When it is hot to 50%, add the watercress, ginger, and garlic to color, add refined salt, brown sugar, sweet noodle sauce, sesame sauce, vinegar, pepper powder, chili oil, MSG and stir well., Pour in broad beans, stir well, and serve immediately.

Second, weird broad beans / more practices 1.

Decant the water, not for a long time, and then remove the dry water 2.

Pour dry fava beans into the oil pan (oil temperature is zero) and slowly fry over medium-low heat (cold oil fava beans?

It is crispy) 3.

Remove the oil from the fried broad beans and keep it for future use.


Use a clean pan to pour these messy powder together with flour into the pan and stir for a few times. Then put the water in the pan and stir with an appropriate amount of sugar to fully melt the sugar. Bring to a low heat and simmer until the water is almost poured.Stir in broad beans and stir-fry. Pour in soy flour and stir-fry evenly. Don’t fry.


It ‘s fried until it ‘s full of water, and it ‘s packed in the same supermarket. The trick is that many people do n’t know how to fry broad beans. Many of them are hot fried.

Third, the practice of weird broad beans 1.

Prepare raw materials 2 according to the amount.

Brew peppercorns and star anise with boiling water, then soak the broad beans, soak for about 10 hours or more, I usually soak the first night and 3 the next day.

In order to taste better, soaked beans should remove this black mouth, which is harder here, 4.

Cut at the position of the mouth to a depth of about 2/3.

Put the chopped beans in the fresh-keeping box and freeze in the refrigerator for a day6.

Take out the frozen beans and pick out the peppercorns and star anise 7.

The oil temperature is 50% hot, and it will be fried in a small fire directly in the pan. The beans will start to sink to the bottom and will float when they are cooked.

Fried beans, so that you can eat them directly, it is crispy broad beans9.

Add a small amount of brown sugar and boil over low heat until thick.

Bubbling is almost done.


Heat maltose in a pan over low heat until melted12.

Pour in fried broad beans and mix until each bean is covered with maltose, 13.

Pour in boiled brown sugar, pepper, pepper powder, paprika and fried flour.

Stir-fry until sugar starts.