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[How to make sugar-free rose mooncakes]_How to do_Methods Daquan

[How to make sugar-free rose mooncakes]_How to do_Methods Daquan

Sugar-free rose mooncakes are believed to be loved by many people, and their unique flavor is also very popular. In addition to being bought directly outside, in fact, we can also try to complete it at home, but we mustPay attention to the use of various materials and the progress of the steps. If you want to do it yourself, you can take a look at the method introduced above.

First, the raw material leather recipe: 1, low-gluten flour 5000 g 2, raw oil 1400 g 3, maltitol liquid 3750 g 4, alkaline water 75 g 5, fresh egg yolk 1000 g 2, filling: 1, sugar-free3,700 g of kernel filling (commercially available) 2, 3000 g of sugar-free rose 3, mix sugar-free rose with sugar-free five-ren filling.

Third, the method of making the skin: 1. Stir the maltitol solution and alkaline water first; 2. Add the raw oil and stir evenly; 3. Add the flour to the sieve and stir evenly and magnetically; 2. Use the dough after 30 minutes.
Fourth, the production method: 1, moon cake crust, filling ratio of 2: 8.

2. Press the crust into flat round slices, wrap it into the filling, add it into the mold, press and flatten it by hand to make the moon cake pattern clear, then scoop out the mold, code it into the baking tray, and brush or spray the surface.

3. Moon cake baking is performed in two stages: (1) baking until the surface is slightly yellow, and the egg yolk solution is baked; (2) moon cake is baking until the surface is golden yellow, not green, and not stooping.

4. Furnace temperature, 220 ° C on fire, 190 ° C on fire.

5, quality requirements, clear outline, fullness, cake waist slightly convex, cake surface is not concave, no burrs, popping, leaking stuffing, etc., the skin filling close.

The leather is soft and sweet, the skin is smooth and shiny, and the bottom is light brown.

Fifth, the characteristic sugar-free rose moon cake is a new type of cuisine. In the ingredients of the moon cake, maltitol is used instead of traditional sucrose.

Because maltitol does not raise blood sugar, has a low caloric value, prevents dental caries, and has a slow absorption in the small intestine, it is very suitable for diabetics, diabetics and women who like slim bodies.

Therefore, the use of maltose instead of sucrose to make sugar-free moon cakes has greatly expanded the range of people who eat moon cakes, and has further increased the commercial value of moon cakes.